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Snow. Oh. No?

Here’s a photo of the snow. And a red barn. This blog post was a test to see if I could edit the blog from a remote location via my laptop. And it worked – I’m actually in the Black Rose Irish pub, drinking a beer in downtown Grand Rapids as I type this!I’m pleased to know I can be mobile now and still maintain much of my ramblings. This should come in handy for quick uploading of photos from workshops, etc. But it’s fun to do while having a nice cold draft from the tap as well…

We’ve had a lot of snow, considering it’s now March. This image was taken Monday the 26th of February after another round of it. It’s pretty and all – but I’m ready for a thaw and for the birds to return, the buds to bloom and for the soggy snow pants and wet boots to go away! Go ahead – tell me what you think about winter? Is it “thumbs up ” or “thumbs down” for you?



  1. Scanner_49512 says:

    Hiya Stacy,
    Just out of curiosity, the photo was taken on Monday the 29th of what, January?

    Beautiful image, and while I am ready for winter to be gone, so I can ride my bikes again, it has been pretty the last few weeks, and I don’t mind the snow so much.

  2. SNiedzwiecki says:

    This photo was taken on Monday, the 29th of February. I should have clarified that! So it was taken just last week.

    It’s a beautiful little farm on Ramsdell Road NE near 9 Mile Road.

  3. scanner_49512 says:

    That would have been difficult, since February only has 28 days, except in leap year, which this was not. And if it was, February 29 would have been on Thursday. So, additional clarification is necessary unless you happened to have taken it in a separate alternate dimension of the space-time continuum. BTW, we had fun at dinner last night…should do it more often.

  4. SNiedzwiecki says:

    Hmmm. Seems I have a case of dyslexia. I stand corrected – it was taken on Monday, February 26th. So I guess I need to fix the statement in the blog altogether.

    Now…I’m going to have fun guessing who you may be! From the depth and analytical nature of the calendar correction statement, I’m guessing you are an individual who has similar tastes in 1980 bands.

    How was your race today???

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