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The Big 4-0

Yup, today I hit the proverbial “spot on the hill” where it’s supposed to be downhill the rest of the way. Heck, no! I’m just getting started!

Russ and I celebrated the “milestone” with a trip to the Palace of Auburn Hills last week to see The Police in concert. It was a GREAT show, and despite the insane price for concert tickets, worth every penny. Even the opening act, Fiction Plane (Fiction Plane, featuring Joe Sumner, Sting’s 30-year-old son), was pretty decent.

Here’s the amazing set list:

  • Message in a Bottle
  • Synchronicity 2
  • Walking on the Moon
  • Voices Inside My Head
  • When the World Is Running Down
  • Don’t Stand So Close To Me
  • Driven To Tears
  • Truth Hits Everybody
  • Bed’s Too Big Without You
  • Every Little Thing She Does is Magic
  • Wrapped Around Your Finger
  • De Do Do Do, De Da Da Da
  • Invisible Sun
  • Walking in Your Footsteps
  • Can’t Stand Losing You
  • Roxanne


  • King Of Pain
  • So Lonely
  • Every Breath You Take
  • Next To You

For those of us who are um…thirty-to-forty-something… it was a complete nostalgia trip down the path of happy music memories.


  1. Good way to celebrate I think. Happy Belated! Concerts sure are expensive these days at the big arenas. It makes me appreciate all the more to see Rocco Deluca at a small place like St. Andrews in Detroit for $20. I doubt he will ever play there again since I see him moving up and up – but I will always remember this show even when he comes back to the bigger venues. I am sure people have memories like this of the Police also.

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