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Summer Serenity

Here’s a new image taken from a park I checked out last Sunday afternoon – Grand River Park in Ottawa County. This is part of the floodplain forest – somehow managing to survive quite nicely despite our extreme drought conditions.

The park has a lot to offer – and I especially enjoyed the wildflower and native grassland area. I had visited the park last year during a nature photography class led by Ed Post and John Dykstra

After that class, I had always wanted to return back to the park. Unfortunately, it was about 90 degrees that day – and I had my 3-year old with me, so we didn’t last very long in the heat. The forest was about as cool of a place as we could find.

As always, be sure to click on the thumbnail image in order to enjoy it at a larger size.

For those of you wondering – YES – this image is a bit more “artistic” than my usual photos. It has a certain effect applied to it called the “Orton Effect”. The name comes from Michael Orton who first used the technique is a sandwich of two images, one in focus the other out of focus.

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