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Winds of November

I headed out to Grand Haven at lunch hour today…wondering if it might be a good time for a quick dip in the lake…

GUESS NOT! (click on the image to enlarge…)

The winds were a steady 40 mph, with gusts to 54 mph+. Some areas along the lake had gusts up to almost 60 mph.

It’s amazing how much power the waves gain simply by wind blowing. I had sand in my eyes, ears, hair and in my coat pockets! Since it was only about 30 degrees, the wind chill generated by these blasts kept me alternating between taking photos – and running back to the car so I could stick my fingers up into the heater vents!

There were a handful of “smart” folks watching the scene from the comfort of their parked cars. The only people crazy enough to be OUT of their vehicles were a handful of photographers like myself. We were all shivering and commented on how the conditions were pretty tough to endure. Still – it was a real rush to watch the waves pound against the pier – even if it meant freezing a finger or two…

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