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Photograph Accepted into Celebration of the Arts!

After checking the website for the Celebration of the Arts competition held at Grand Rapids First United Methodist Church,
I’m pleased to announce I have a piece accepted into the show!

This is quite an honor, as the Celebration, now in its 35th year, has grown to represent one of the largest sacred juried art shows in the country.

There will be an Artists’ Reception on Friday, Jan. 25 from 7pm-9pm. I do plan to attend (unless we continue to have some very bad weather). The church is located at 227 East Fulton Street in downtown Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Sat., Jan. 26 – Tue., Feb. 5, 10am – 6pm
Wed, Feb. 6 (Ash Wednesday), Gallery Hours: 10am-4pm

Sun., Jan 27: 9:30 – 10:30am
Wed., Jan 30: Noon – 1pm
Wed., Feb. 6: Ash Wednesday

Celebration of the Arts – A Festival of Spiritual Arts

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