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Governor's Residence Artist Program

The Alden B. Dow Museum of Science and Art of the Midland Center for the Arts worked in conjunction with Governor’s Residence Artist’s Program to assist the Governor in putting together a body of artwork to embellish the Governor’s Residence in Lansing.

I submitted four works for consideration, and just found out two of the pieces have been included in the project. These two photos (Serenity and DH Day Farm) cleared two phases of a three-phase jury. On July 28th, the First Family themselves made their final selections as to which pieces would ultimately hang in their residence.

DH Day FarmAt this point and time, I do know know who any of the other artists are. However, one excellent fellow photographer, Steve Huyser-Honig, has one excellent piece accepted as well.

An opening reception will be held in Fall of 2008 and all participating artists will receive an invitation to attend. The selected works will be on exhibit in the Governor’s residence from August 2008 through July of 2009. Stay tuned – I will most likely will be able to report the outcome of the reception in some post later this year.

Purchase Prints: Serenity | DH Day Farm

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