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Sorry 'Bout That…

If some of you attempted to catch up with me at the OLC (Our Lady of Consolation) Hearts & Holly show on Saturday the 22nd… you have my humblest apologies! No one is more disappointed than I for missing the event.

Our plane was delayed in Cleveland on our return trip from Washington DC. Twenty planes were circling around due to poor visibility and wind during some heavy lake-effect snow storms. The plane was diverted to Akron, and then back to Cleveland later. By the time we landed, we had already missed our flight to Grand Rapids. We had to spend the night, and didn’t arrive until late afternoon on Saturday.

At any rate – if you needed something or wanted to see some of my new inventory, in a few days I will be taking some of it over to Robinette’s Winery and Gift Barn. If you have something in particular you are seeking – please call me or send an email. I hope to find another location to host my booth before the end of the holiday season, so please stay tuned.

We had a fantastic time visiting National Geographic Headquarters! I will be writing much more about our experiences meeting the Adventurers of the Year and sightseeing around Washington, DC.


  1. Margaret Cloud says:

    Hi Stacy, hope your Thanksgiving is a fun and safe one. I bet you did have a wonderful time at National Geo., I have read their magazine since 1948 and enjoyed each one equally. Have fun in Washington, catch you later.

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