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Decisions, Decisions…

Yesterday marked very important date for me.

After working for four months (March through June), putting in many hours, driving many miles, visiting with so many folks – and – snapping thousands of photos – I submitted my final 30 images for the Pure Michigan Photo Contest (Pro Division).

Selecting the final images was one of the hardest processes I’ve ever experienced. I’ve learned much. For one thing, it’s extremely hard to be your own photo editor. Each image becomes a personal moment as the photographer. A unique experience which became a intimate memory, often quite touching in some way. I recall each conversation I had, the technical aspects of setting up the images, or the joy of finding the right light at the right moment.

There were also disappointments along the way – at times shots intended to be created a certain “way” – but due to circumstances, didn’t quite hit THE ultimate mark. Regardless, each outing provided me with an experience to learn something new. I thoroughly explored each corner of Muskegon County. Honestly – will continue to go back frequently. There were things I didn’t even get to in the four-month time period that I know I’ll return to.  For example, spots that most likely have some great wildlife viewing, but no one was home the day I visited!

During editing, I realized while a particular image might have been MY favorite choice, the goal was to represent travel and variety in a manner that will attract a first-time visitor to the Muskegon / White Lake area. At times, a great portrait was removed because perhaps – the portrait that didn’t “connect” to its location or event. Other images were important due to their subject matter (for example, historic significance to the area), even if others were “prettier”. So many images were favorites,  that I had to ask a few professional photographer friends to be ruthless and honest to help me cull the selections down to 30.

I’m posting two links here. The first link – the images that made the first “round” of the decision-making process. The second link – the final selections.


FYI – In the coming weeks, these will all be available for purchase, please feel to inquire.

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