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Very Touched

I received such an amazing letter yesterday – I just had to share it. Having my photo images at the Lemmen-Holton – has really changed my own life in many ways over the past year and a half. I could have never anticipated the cards, letters, and works of encouragement, such as what was written below.

Road Sign - Copyright 2008: S. Niedzwiecki

Road Sign - Copyright 2008: S. Niedzwiecki

“Hello Stacy,

I am so amazed at your beautiful pictures of God’s AWESOME creation all around us. God has truly blessed you with some incredible talent! We have never met, but after the holidays I do look forward to meeting you in person. I have enjoyed and have bought many of your cards from the Lemmen Holton gift shop as I was waiting for my husband during his cancer treatment.

On January 15th he died and I so very much appreciate the beautiful picture you sent me as a celebration of his eternal and glorious home he entered.

Photography is very therapeutic and healing to so many. You truly have no idea how powerful your ministry of photography has been, touching so many lives. Keep up the GREAT work that God has blessed you with!

Blessings to You,

About 2 months ago, another woman had come into my booth at an outdoor art show. After a few minutes of looking around, I noticed she began was sobbing, loudly. I had no idea what was wrong, but I just had to ask. It turned out – her mother had been receiving treatment at Lemmen-Holton, and they would spend a lot of time wandering about the building, enjoying the artwork (there is a LOT of beautiful artwork in the facility). Her mother had since passed away, and she recognized my photos. She was so wraught with emotion, she couldn’t even talk. The best I could do was give her a hug…

Admittedly, I wasn’t prepared for these situations. I wish I knew more what to say beyond a simple “thank you”. It doesn’t seem nearly enough when I receive letters like this? It’s not easy to say the right thing during someone’s immediate grief. I was never “trained” for this. I can only let the images speak for me.

It makes me really realize what caregivers (doctors, nurses, hospice, etc.) must go through each day. It’s all very humbling.

~ Stacy

PS – The woman who wrote the wonderful note above – also ask I share some information with my readers. She would like you to know about the Living Well as One Workshop.  This was put together from a dream and goal that she had from her experience of being widowed 12 years ago – and again just this past January.

As a single person – widowed or divorced – there are so many things to learn as one adjusts to their new roles. This workshop event is designed to equip and encourage anyone who is single – or single again.  The author wished there had only been a workshop like this to attend when she was widowed for the first time – raising 4 young children, running a house hold, trying to do the best she could as a single mom, and still trying to learn how to care for herself.

The Living Well as One Workshop will be held on Saturday, November 21, 2009 and Scott Reyburn will be one of the presenters at this event.  He is speaking on Remarriage and the Eight Steps of a Healthy Blended Families.

Please try to spread the word of this event if you know folks who have become single through death or divorce.  Thank you!

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