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Think Summer!

Let’s take a fun, colorful stroll along Lake Michigan – to remember why we put up with the Michigan winters…


  1. Really lovely collection, Stacy – I can’t wait to hit the shores of Lake Michigan & Lake Superior again!

    – Jack

    • Thank you Jack! I am crossing my fingers while I await the news from my application for the Artist-in-Residency program at Pictured Rocks this fall. I haven’t had the chance to explore Lake Superior yet, and I’m so hoping for the chance. Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Wow, good luck! I’m feeling much anticipatory envy… :^D

    – Jack

    • This year, Pictured Rocks NL selected a pen and ink artist – so if I want to go explore up North this year – it will be on my own. I’ll try again next year!

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