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Vintage Michigan

Logging onto my computer this evening, I was pleasantly surprised to learn an image I entered in the Absolute Michigan Michigan Business Photo Contest won first place!

The image was captured at the only remaining Dog-n-Suds Restaurant in Montague, Michigan.

This was very exciting news – I’ll receive some great prizes such as a sponsorship on Absolute Michigan, an internet radio interview about my business courtesy of Vertio and 2 pounds of coffee (of my choice) from Higher Grounds Trading Company.



  1. Very cool image I see why it won, great neon colors. Is this a HDL image?

    • Hello Randy – thank you for the kind compliments on the image. The image was captured using a rather long exposure on a tripod with a small aperture and all the neon lights turned on at dusk. While I understand the concept of HDR images, I have yet to really try dabbling around with that style of photography. My thoughts are – a photographer has to be very careful creating them and employing the correct software techniques – or they can look rather unnatural. Sometime I will do some experiments with it, but for now – I just try to get my exposures carefully correct.

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