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Great Lakes – Great Ships – Great Concerns

(An update of a previous post to reflect a revised project funding goal):

I am humbly seeking financial backers for a large-scale photography project. Please take a moment to review my project goals. Perhaps consider assisting me to bring the beauty of the Great Lakes in a unique photographic way:

Since the launch of my photography career, I decided one of my goals would be to share the best of what nature has to offer, and strongly advocate WHY it needs protection. The TALL SHIPS CHALLENGE® race series is a very popular public event. I immediately saw an opportunity to connect the excitement of the Race, with the beauty of the Lakes via another popular public interest… photography.

Educational research vessels such as the Denis Sullivan (home port Milwaukee, WI) will be leading the race fleet. I will be boarding this ship in mid-July for 11 days, serving as an photographer/eco-blogger on the important scientific studies taking place on board. While chronicling the research, I’m certain plenty of natural beauty photo opportunities will present themselves, along with thrilling Race highlights.

You’ll even be able to track the ships while we are traveling from Bay City, Michigan to Duluth, Minnesota!

While I have the proper photo equipment and ability to travel, I cannot personally fund the entire voyage as required. There are many other expenses involved. All donations will go directly to travel expenses – such as to cover my passport fee, access to the Festival areas, gasoline, lodging or other required expenses such as a return bus ride home from the destination port (most likely – Duluth, Minnesota).

Additionally, I must create the final ArtPrize exhibit pieces and cover the installation. If my funding goal is not reached by July 11, 2010 – all pledges are canceled, so you will only be contributing if the project is a “GO!”

Contributions are as low as $5.00 and there are generous photo rewards such as signed prints and fine-art canvases for those who can contribute at larger amounts.

To learn more and to help contribute to the project please click on the box at left,
or visit the Kickstarter Project Page.


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