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ArtPrize 2010 and Tall Ships

It seems as if we have just gotten through all the rush and excitement of the very first ArtPrize experience here in Grand Rapids in 2009. And yet for us artists – the fun has already begun for ArtPrize 2010!

Yes – here we go again – I’m in ArtPrize this year.

While I have a dedicated ArtPrize website to discuss my project, venue and ArtPrize, it’s worth mentioning in my regular blog so you can FIND the information. Here are some highlights:

  • Officially – my venue is Immanuel Lutheran Church in the Hill area of Grand Rapids – read more
  • There will be 30 artists exhibiting at Immanuel, so it’s going to be a must-see location – read more
  • My entry this year is a nautical and conservation theme consisting of Great Lakes images captured while traveling on board a Tall Ship – the S/V Denis Sullivan – read more
  • My exhibit will incorporate an interesting glass block wall area shaped like a “wave” – serving as an excellent background to my Great Lakes and Tall Ship images – read more
  • While I’m traveling on the S/V Denis Sullivan, you’ll be able to see where I am located each day by using the Ship Trackerread more
  • I will be sailing from Bay City, Michigan to Duluth, Minnesota for 11 days, documenting important environmental research while serving as “eco-blogger” for ASTA (American Sail Training Association) and Great Lakes Unitedread more

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