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08/14/10 – Rockford ArtCapsule – Wise Photography

Rockford Michigan ArtCapsule

A Social Art Event to Celebrate the City of Rockford’s 75th Anniversary

Presented by the Rockford Area Arts Commission in conjunction with the Rockford 75th Anniversary Weekend Celebration.

On Saturday, August 14th, the general public is invited to vote on their favorite pieces and prizes will be awarded in the following categories:

  • Best of show
  • Two–Dimensional
  • Three–Dimensional
  • Time–Based (Performance/Film/Video)
  • Social Media

Work must reflect the City of Rockford, Michigan. If a specific landmark is the subject of the piece, that landmark must exist within Rockford city limits. Work should be new. The Arts Commission hopes many artists will use the time and Rockford’s lovely open spaces to come create “plein-air” during this time. If not, the work of art must be less than one year old.

There will be cash prizes!

My photography piece, simply titled “Rogue Reflections” will be featured at Wise Photography. It is 18″ x 12″ in size, printed on fine art metallic paper and will be professionally gallery-mounted. It is available for purchase for $195.00.

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