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First Post of 2011

Hello friends! Quite some time has passed since I’ve posted. In fact – we’re already two full weeks into the new year! Wow. I’ve been thinking about what wonderful friends and fans I have – and would like to wish each of you – very happy and prosperous 2011.

The new year has brought some interesting projects on. Some are underway currently, and some are in the planning stages. This is the time of year when many calls for competition happen, and so much time and consideration as to what will be created, framed and delivered is given.  Meanwhile, it is also time to look ahead and plan (and apply for) any art fairs, shows and exhibits.

I’ve also been working on a number of graphic design projects, to include print collateral pieces for p2 (Pure Passion for Fashion), and a new branding project for the Cadillac Area Nature Conservancy. The Newaygo Convention and Visitors Bureau just launched their new website, which I have been working on since September.

The Great Lakes, Tall Ships exhibit (which was my 2010 ArtPrize entry) has been hanging in the Dogwood Center in Fremont since November 2010. It will soon be moving to a new location soon (stay tuned)!

Here are a few photos captured by Lindsay Isenhart of Newaygo County Council for the Arts (NCCA) Artsplace, who hung up the show at the Dogwood Center. Please click on the images for larger view:


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