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Please Vote for the Boat!

S/V Denis Sullivan by S. Niedzwiecki

The tall ship I traveled on this past summer, the S/V Denis Sullivan, is in the running to receive a $10,000 grant through The Intelligent Use of Water Awards.

All you need to do to help is just click and vote!

This is an interactive grant program that awards funds to water conservation and environmental sustainability projects that promote green spaces. You can vote once a day per project, per individual user. The projects with the most votes will receive funding from Rain Bird according to their funding category.

Rain Bird will award four $1,500 projects, three $5,000 projects, and three $10,000 projects.

The S/V Denis Sullivan is seeking this funding to enable 300 underserved students from throughout Southeastern Wisconsin to experience an educational day sail aboard the ship.

This grant will provide scholarships for students from grades 4 through 12. Unfortunately, the cost associated with running this program prohibits many schools from participating in this experience. With the help of this funding, the S/V Denis Sullivan can ensure that 300 students who otherwise could not afford to learn about freshwater sustainability experience this inspiring educational voyage.

At the time of this posting, the ship ranked #18 in voting tally. Help boost them up to a top THREE position!

Please give your VOTE for the BOAT!

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