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The Ice Man Cometh

Fire & Ice 3701-11Window 3695-11IMG_3709-11IMG_3710-11Back Yard 3713-11Willow 3715-11
Willow 3716-11Willow 3720-11Ice Diver 3721-11It's Complicated 3724-11Glass Tree 3725-11IMG_3732-11
Willow 3744-11Willow 3747-11Backyard View 3756-11Not for the Birds 3760-11

Last week certainly didn’t resemble the first week of spring – when we were hit with a very thick ice storm in certain parts of West Michigan. During the night, the sounds of the ice coming down on the windows and roof led me to believe we’d be losing both power and our trees shortly.

However, when the skies finally cleared and the morning sun peeked over the horizon – the scene became a photographer’s delight!

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