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What a Night!

Last night was one of those magical evenings when the air was crisp and cold – and the stars shone brightly in the moonless sky. While spending some time on Facebook, I saw a post from our local weather guru – WOOD-TV8 Chief Meteorologist Bill Steffen – reporting  Northern Light activity had been spotted throughout West Michigan. I ran outside to see what was happening and couldn’t believe the colors I was witnessing from own driveway in Rockford.

I quickly grabbed my gear and headed off for a darker location with less distractions from city lights. Unfortunately here in lower Michigan we have too much light pollution. However – I did manage to make it to a spot near Conklin that afforded a view of the northern skies without too much external interference. Unfortunately, the light show had subsided quite a bit, but I was still able to capture the ambient glow through a series of long timed exposures.

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