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2014 ArtPrize Entry: “Treasured”

In Loving Memory by Stacy Niedzwiecki

In Loving Memory by Stacy Niedzwiecki

Now that our venue has been secured, I’m pleased to announce that once again I will be part of the big ArtPrize art event in Grand Rapids!

The biggest art competition in the world will begin September 24, 2014. Our venue will be the historic and lovely Westminster Presbyterian Church located in the Heartside area of Grand Rapids.

For a number of years, I’ve had a photo project “brewing” in my head that is a true departure from my usual travel/landscape/nature photography. This will be the summer it will finally come to fruition. A couple of years ago, I shared my vision for a photography series with my writer friend Jeannie Gregory.  The central theme of my idea involves capturing a multitude images of special “treasured” items of significance – and to have them lovingly held by their owners in a meaningful way.

Jeannie truly recognized the vision I had for this series, and we decided this summer to make the project a reality. While a few of the images were captured during previous travels, the majority will be photographed over the two months. A casting call for “hand models and their items” has been put out, and the response has been tremendous. It will be an honor to intimately photograph the items offered – which range in emotion from amusing to historic to heartbreaking.

See our TREASURED entry – and the five other entries featured at Westminster Presbyterian.

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