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Road Trip, Anyone?

Sometimes – when you’re surfing the Internet – you find something that’s just too darned funny not to “share”. What are you doing on June 14? If you’ve got the day free – you could head over to the Mount Sterling Illinois’ Testicle Festival. This annual food event features beef, hog, lamb, and turkey testicles… Read More

Big Gulp

Go ahead and click on the image above to see it in a larger size… I sat down on the banks of Lake Logan in Ohio and watched this Great Blue Heron for about half an hour. The bird was intent on getting supper, wading in shallow water, staring down beneath the still water. Suddenly,… Read More

Ending World Hunger One Word At a Time!

This evening, I came across a very interesting and fun site. Helping end world hunger can be as easy as expanding your vocabulary. Don’t believe it? Check out freerice.com. For every word you correctly define, 20 grains of rice are donated through the UN World Food Program. So take this opportunity to improve your vocabulary… Read More

Goodbye to a Great Guy…

I want to take a moment to remember my dear friend Wayne Elvey, who passed away yesterday (Thanksgiving evening). I’m really going to miss his sense of humor, his wit and his amazing mental library of songs and music. I really hope someone took some time to record some of Wayne’s performances and music –… Read More

Just Say NO!

After looking through many requests posted online for businesses looking for graphic design work – FOR FREE – something occurred to me. Designers, no matter what level in their career, deserve to be paid for their services, their abilities and their expertise! Other professions get paid for their time and services. Why shouldn’t we? And… Read More

I've Got an Idea!

And the week leading up to my birthday continued to be fun. For example – I opened up my mailbox Friday to discover the rubber duck I purchased at the Lowell Riverwalk had crossed the finish line – and I won $100! However, that money went directly to the Secretary of State to pay for… Read More

Flowers for Mommy…

Awww…it’s nice to have someone who loves you bring a handful of flowers. Even if they are dandelions from the yard…

Need Some Exercise?

Link to: maps.google.com Type “New York to London” without quotations. Read instruction #23 – and don’t forget your goggles!

A Wee Bit of Irish in All of Us…

A very happy St. Patrick’s Day to all of you out there so inclined to celebrate this occasion! Personally- I can’t think of a better reason to drink a cold one, wear my favorite color, and listen to some GREAT music! Some recommended listening:Oxter/Mahone: A “mashup” of tracks from the CD “Pint of View” +… Read More