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A Place of Honor

Well – there just hasn’t been time for blogging as of late – so I apologize for not adding something more current the past few weeks. Ever since we learned of our upcoming National Geographic trip, life has been somewhat of a blur! I have some exciting website projects I’m trying very hard move forward,… Read More

Pete's Half-Acre

This past week, I found a gem of a little flower garden next to some old barns. I was delivering an order to a customer on a road I haven’t traveled yet – and had to do a U-turn and go back! The family that lives in the farm have been very nice and have… Read More

The Broad Side of a Barn…

This week, I’ve been on a barn photography binge! I keep seeing interesting ones as I’m driving around. I almost always and end up having to stop in a driveway, do a U-turn, and go back to it. I’m just waiting for someone to come out and ask me what the heck I’m doing… To… Read More