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12/08/10 – Great Lakes – Great Ships Exhibit – Dogwood Center for Performing Arts

Can Dogs Smile?

The answer is yes! Buster is almost a year old now! He’s turned out to be a VERY pretty dog. He still has issues with paying attention to commands so we can’t trust him off a leash at all. I think I’m going to work with someone (like Bark Busters – no pun intended!) to… Read More

We Made Elves of Ourselves!

Merry Christmas from Buster, Lucas, Alex and Leo Niedzwiecki! Watch our Flash movie!

The First Snow

A shot of our growing puppy Buster – enjoying his first real snow! The wind and cold didn’t seem to be a problem for him at all. Being partially American Eskimo breed, Buster looked like he felt right at home. I have done quiet a bit of pet portrait photography, and truly enjoy it! If… Read More