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Glen Arbor This Weekend!

A reminder – I have a gallery show and reception at the Glen Arbor Art Association! Please stop in and say “Hello!” if you have the chance. Open Gallery and Sales: July 18: 10 am – 3 pm July 19: 10 am – 6 pm Reception: July 18: 6-9 pm – light refreshments and wine… Read More

Sleeping Bear Posters

I’m just now working on a new series of poster prints (at least I think this will be the final size…). The images were all captured during my artist residency with the Glen Arbor Art Assocation. If you are interested in a print, please contact me, as I’m working on the details of how these… Read More

Travelogue Update – Three More Entries

Here are my travelogue entries for: Tuesday, October 9 – Empire Bluffs Wednesday, October 10 – Glen Arbor Rainy Day Thursday, October 11 – Glen Arbor Galleries A day and a half left, and my artist residency adventures will come to an end. The weather will hopefully improve so I can show you more photography… Read More

Port Oneida Farms

Here is my seventh entry in my Glen Arbor Travelogue. I spent a full afternoon around the Port Oneida area, exploring the historic farms and landscape and tasting apples from trees planted long ago! Be sure to check out the late-night lightning photograph as well. October 5, 2007

Empire, Platte River and Point Betsieist

Here is my sixth entry in my Glen Arbor Travelogue. Today’s travels took me to Empire, the Platte River and Point Betsie. October 4, 2007

Travelogue Post for October 1, 2007

Here’s my third entry into my Glen Arbor Travelogue. Again – most of the day was without sun (it was pouring for most of the day!). I did manage a few shots in the rain, and caught five minutes of the sunset! October 1, 2007

First Full Day in Glen Arbor

Here’s my second entry into my Glen Arbor Travelogue. I did get out for a little bit of photography, but the weather hasn’t quite cooperated yet. September 30, 2007


Here’s my first entry into my Glen Arbor Travelogue. Enjoy! September 29, 2007

On Your Mark…Get Set…

A few more loads of laundry, a last-minute check of all photography equipment – and I’m off for my artist residency adventure in the Sleeping Bear Dunes / Grand Traverse Bay area! After planning this trip for months, it’s hard to believe the time has finally arrived. Fall color reports from Michigan.org are reporting color… Read More

Gotta Great Suggestion?

I’m getting set up with a Glen Arbor Travelogue to post notes, news and images from my trip – so you, dear reader – can following along in my adventures. At this point, I’m preparing some needed supplies, hiking gear, preparing the camera bag, and reading a lot of books and maps about the Leelanau… Read More