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Think Summer!

Let’s take a fun, colorful stroll along Lake Michigan – to remember why we put up with the Michigan winters…

Remembering an Evening on the Beach…

Just sharing a view of the beach looking south from near Holland State Park. I loved the warm light and textures of the grass and sand. Hard to believe – this image was taken the day BEFORE Thanksgiving 2006!

Big Red – Holland State Park

It was a perfect summer evening at Holland State Park last night. After enjoying some ice cream (free ice cream- I might add! Coldstone Creamery gives you a coupon for a free one on your birthday!), Lucas and I headed out to stroll around and play for a bit. The yellow flag was out –… Read More

The Experiment…

I’ve been experimenting with panoramic photography after attending a George Lepp seminar in December. It got my mind really going about trying some new photography techniques, and I’ve started trying out a few of my ideas. Attached is an image I shot last November, but lacked the skill and knowledge to stitch together until I… Read More

Ahhh…SMILE. Winter is here!

Can’t say as I’ve ever had an elk POSE for a portrait before, but… It did. I attended a great (but VERY cold) photography workshop on February 10th at the Outdoor Discovery Center in Holland. For those of you who haven’t visited this wonderful place, I would encourage you visit soon! There is something there… Read More