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Bright and Colorful!

Lately – people must be in the mood for something bright and colorful – I’ve been getting many requests for floral images! So – just for fun – here’s a link to see a large quantity of assorted floral, butterfly and few bird images that say “Spring!” or “Summer!”.

Made a Wish…

I’ve been going through a variety of photos – some taken even a year or two ago, as I’m preparing the presentation I’ll be giving at Glen Arbor. And I’ve found a few images along the way that somehow missed my first “glance” through when I review a day’s work. This one is timely, as… Read More

Pete's Half-Acre

This past week, I found a gem of a little flower garden next to some old barns. I was delivering an order to a customer on a road I haven’t traveled yet – and had to do a U-turn and go back! The family that lives in the farm have been very nice and have… Read More

Sunset at Little Sable

In June, I had a chance to spend a day a little further north than my usual trips to the beach. I took my son Luke and we went for a ride up along the Muskegon shoreline, and then towards the Silver Lake area. It was my first trip to see the Little Sable lighthouse,… Read More

The Rockford Dam Print – Finally!

(Click on the image above to see the photo a bit larger) Over the past couple of years, I’ve naturally had many requests for prints of the Rockford Dam area. The dam was under some major renovations for over a full year, and it seemed each time I went to catch an image, there was… Read More

Summer Serenity

Here’s a new image taken from a park I checked out last Sunday afternoon – Grand River Park in Ottawa County. This is part of the floodplain forest – somehow managing to survive quite nicely despite our extreme drought conditions. The park has a lot to offer – and I especially enjoyed the wildflower and… Read More

Big Red – Holland State Park

It was a perfect summer evening at Holland State Park last night. After enjoying some ice cream (free ice cream- I might add! Coldstone Creamery gives you a coupon for a free one on your birthday!), Lucas and I headed out to stroll around and play for a bit. The yellow flag was out –… Read More

The Broad Side of a Barn…

This week, I’ve been on a barn photography binge! I keep seeing interesting ones as I’m driving around. I almost always and end up having to stop in a driveway, do a U-turn, and go back to it. I’m just waiting for someone to come out and ask me what the heck I’m doing… To… Read More

Sittin' on the Dock of the Bay…

…Grand Traverse Bay, that is! Last Saturday was a summer day that was about as perfect as they come. Click on the images below to enjoy larger…