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A Place of Honor

Well – there just hasn’t been time for blogging as of late – so I apologize for not adding something more current the past few weeks. Ever since we learned of our upcoming National Geographic trip, life has been somewhat of a blur! I have some exciting website projects I’m trying very hard move forward,… Read More

Winds of November

I headed out to Grand Haven at lunch hour today…wondering if it might be a good time for a quick dip in the lake… GUESS NOT! (click on the image to enlarge…) The winds were a steady 40 mph, with gusts to 54 mph+. Some areas along the lake had gusts up to almost 60… Read More

Power – Use Yours!

The Great Lakes are an amazing example of power. People living around the Lakes also have amazing power – the power to change their way of thinking. We only have one set of Great Lakes. Use your power to take a stand against those who would pollute our precious water resources. Help protect our natural… Read More

A Lesson in Patience…

Click on image above to see full screen… On Thursday evening, I decided I’d had ENOUGH of being in front of the computer all week. Plus – with school now out – the boys are getting on each others’ nerves a bit already, and that meant they were getting on “Mom’s nerves” by the time… Read More