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The Ice Man Cometh

Last week certainly didn’t resemble the first week of spring – when we were hit with a very thick ice storm in certain parts of West Michigan. During the night, the sounds of the ice coming down on the windows and roof led me to believe we’d be losing both power and our trees shortly…. Read More

Snow Scenes

I’ve been waiting patiently to catch a day where I could photograph some snow scenes. Obviously – the problem hasn’t been the lack of SNOW… but rather… the lack of light. We finally had one Saturday morning when the sun decided to make an appearance long enough for an outing.

Frost Ferns

There’s another whole world right beyond our normal line of vision, and most of us would not slow down long enough to appreciate it. Although I still consider myself a student of macro photography, I’m enjoying trying new subject matter and looking at nature in a whole new way. On a sub-zero day as I… Read More

Grand Haven in January

Here’s another view of the January sky over the frozen beach and shoreline at Grand Haven, Michigan. Feel free to click on the image directly to see it a bit larger.

Dream a Little Dream…

There was over 2 feet of snow as I watched the last bit of a large storm system break up over Lake Michigan. This is a view from in front of the BilMar Restaurant on January 25th, 2008. Ahh!!! Grab your bikini, flip flops and a good drink and get comfy in the -15 degree… Read More

Proudly Protecting Our Snowbanks…

I’ve been going through a lot of old photographs lately, organizing and archiving them. There are even a number of film images I had scanned for genealogy purposes. This week, my son’s friend from next door came over and saw one photo of me in a frame – from my Army years. He refused to… Read More

The First Snow

A shot of our growing puppy Buster – enjoying his first real snow! The wind and cold didn’t seem to be a problem for him at all. Being partially American Eskimo breed, Buster looked like he felt right at home. I have done quiet a bit of pet portrait photography, and truly enjoy it! If… Read More

Photo of the Month: Seeing the Forest Through The Trees

Some of you might enjoying seeing an image that was recently chosen as Photo of the Month in its category (Plant Life) at MyParkPhotos.com. The photo was taken at Townsend Park in Cannonsburg on a 1o-degree day after a rather large amount of snowfall. Brrrr! MyParkPhotos.com Photo of the Month: Plant Life

Snow. Oh. No?

Here’s a photo of the snow. And a red barn. This blog post was a test to see if I could edit the blog from a remote location via my laptop. And it worked – I’m actually in the Black Rose Irish pub, drinking a beer in downtown Grand Rapids as I type this!I’m pleased… Read More

Ahhh…SMILE. Winter is here!

Can’t say as I’ve ever had an elk POSE for a portrait before, but… It did. I attended a great (but VERY cold) photography workshop on February 10th at the Outdoor Discovery Center in Holland. For those of you who haven’t visited this wonderful place, I would encourage you visit soon! There is something there… Read More